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Dinner from the future

"Join us for a glimpse into 'Dinner from the Future.' How close are we to the day when lab-grown meat becomes an everyday Lunach? The answer may surprise you...

Did you know that Israeli companies are already utilizing drones for deliveries?
Wave goodbye to yesterday's trends - we're talking about the future here!

And... also say "Goodbye to diet challenges". Could a pill change how things taste, or an injection make us less hungry?

Are you tired of 'washing plates'? An eco-friendly solution involving 'biological cutlery' make the plates dissolve in the water and disappear, you won't need to wash your Cookware anymore!

For the ultimate food enthusiasts, let's take a captivating journey into the world's most innovative restaurants...


"Dinner from the Future" offers an engaging lecture experience that not only acquaints participants with the latest breakthroughs but also provides a personalized tasting box for each attendee.
This experience caters to all the senses, making it an unforgettable journey.


The lecture delves into the realm of food innovation, exploring the gastronomy of the future and spotlighting the hottest startups in the world of food tech. These pioneering ventures are poised to reshape our culinary landscape.


"Dinner from the Future" is suitable for team-building sessions, corporate events, parties, innovation evenings, and more...



Join us for a dinner from the future

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