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Common questions

Question: How many people is the event for?

Answer: The event is designed to accommodate a minimum of 20-25 participants and can easily scale up to accommodate hundreds.


Question: What do the tastings include?

Answer: We like to keep the tastings a delightful surprise! "Dinner from the Future" includes approximately 5-6 small tastings, all carefully curated in a package. Participants get to enjoy these tastings in sync with the presentation slides. It's important to note that this is not a full meal.


Question: Where can the event be held?

Answer: We are incredibly flexible when it comes to event locations. We can come to your preferred venue. Additionally, there's an option to host the lecture at Maayan's private residence in Ramat Aviv Gimel, which offers on-site parking for your convenience.


Question: What equipment is needed to host the event with us?

Answer: We'll need access to a TV or projector, a laptop with connectivity, and sound equipment.


Question: What about kosher options?

Answer: We understand the importance of accommodating dietary preferences. You have the flexibility to choose whether you'd like to host a completely kosher event or not, depending on your specific needs. 

For further questions, please contact us

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