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Maayan Priluk

"Join a first-of-its-kind experience" - the only lecture in the world about the future of our food that combines tastings of new products carefully selected from groundbreaking startups.


"A meal from the future" is more than a lecture, it is a unique experience that will expand your horizons, your imagination and sharpen your taste buds...



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"Bite from the Future"



Maayan Priluk, one of Israel's most sought-after keynote speakers, 
TV personality covering the technology landscape on Israeli television.

Maayan's passion lies in the thriving Israeli startup ecosystem, with a particular focus on food tech innovation, she is the visionary behind 'Dinner from the Future".
Beyond her media and speaking engagements, Maayan is an accomplished entrepreneur and serves as the CEO of 'Guerrilla Marketing Agency,' a firm specializing in unconventional marketing strategies. 

Based in Tel Aviv, Maayan is a proud mother of three and a graduate of Business and Economics from Tel Aviv University. 


Welcome to "Dinner fromthe future" a unique lecture that blends captivating presentations with tantalizing tastings of cutting-edge products from Israeli and worldwide startups.

Led by the renowned Maayan Priluk, a distinguished keynote speaker and acclaimed technology TV reporter from Israel, this lecture promises to be an insightful and engaging exploration of the future of food. Are you excited to discover the flavors of the future? Curious about what's on the horizon for our plates? Join us to take a delicious journey into what lies ahead! Choose the perfect flavor for your event! Opt for our Frontal Lecture where we bring the excitement to your location, complete with all the delectable samples. Alternatively, go for our Zoom Lecture option, where a specially curated box of samples is sent to your country in advance, opening the samples one at a time during our online session. The choice is yours!


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The personal tasting box of "Dinner from the Future"

Our tasting boxes are prepared in advance, tailored to the number of participants. These boxes come adorned with our unique branding.

For in-person Frontal Events, we'll bring the excitement directly to you with our carefully curated boxes.

If you're opting for an Online Event, worry not! 

We'll ship a specially prepared box to your country, complete with clear instructions on how to separate the samples into individual boxes. It's our way of ensuring you get the full, flavorful experience, no matter where you are!


Let’s see some examples from latest startups

Remmber the movie "Back to the future"?
Could we soon pop a capsule instead of a meal and we won't need to eat anymore?

Participants tasted the candy that changes 
the "taste buds" turning everyting sour to sweet
They tried a lemon and this is what happend...

Imagine sipping a cocktail
that changes its taste with a simple push of a button

Scientists have succeeded in producing cultured meat by recreating mammoth cells!
Will we soon be able to taste the meat?

Will our buns soon come with a printed advertisement, and in return we will get the buns for free? Is such an economic model
Will it enter the market strongly?

Among the delicacies in our box:
A gum that blocks the ability to feel sweet... you eat chocolate and... the taste disappears...

The goal is to reduce the craving for the sweet we have at the end of the meal.

One of the participants tried our tasting... he couldn't believe it either..

Artificial intelligence is entering the world of food and is expected to change what we have known so far


We are already excited...

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Among our clients:

Hundreds of companies and startups have already taken part.

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