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Dinner from the future

Maayan Priluk

"Join us for a unique experience – the world's FIRST lecture with tasty samples from cutting-edge food tech startups."
Get ready to experience the future, "one delicious bite at a time..."
 Freelok food from the future - a meal from the future Maayan

Welcome to 'Dinner from the Future,' an extraordinary lecture that ventures boldly into the uncharted realms of our food's future.
We proudly present the world's only event that seamlessly blends captivating presentations with tantalizing tastings of cutting-edge products from Israeli and worldwide startups.

Led by the renowned Maayan Priluk, a distinguished keynote speaker and acclaimed technology TV reporter from Israel, this lecture promises to be an insightful and engaging exploration of the future of food.

Are you excited to discover the flavors of the future? Curious about what's on the horizon for our plates?
Join us to take a delicious journey into what lies ahead!

Maayan Priluk, one of Israel's most sought-after keynote speakers, 
TV personality covering the technology landscape on Israeli television.

Maayan's passion lies in the thriving Israeli startup ecosystem, with a particular focus on food tech innovation, she is the visionary behind 'Dinner from the Future", a unique lecture that offers participants a multi-sensory experience where you not only hear about the future but also taste it, all at the same time. 


Beyond her media and speaking engagements, Maayan is an accomplished entrepreneur and serves as the CEO of 'Guerrilla Marketing Agency,' a firm specializing in unconventional marketing strategies. 

Based in Tel Aviv, Maayan is a proud mother of two and a graduate of Business and Economics from Tel Aviv University. 

Mayan Prilock, a meal from the future

Let's dive into our experience

Introducing Our Personal Tasting Box  

Our tasting boxes are meticulously prepared in advance, tailored to the number of participants. These boxes come adorned with our unique branding.

Remember the movie
"Back to the Future"?
When a pizza capsule turned into a Fresh Pizza in a second?

"Is it possible that science fiction is on the brink of becoming our reality? Are we on the verge of consuming capsules that satisfy our hunger while minimizing food waste? Remarkable advancements are already introducing solutions  that enable us to enjoy our favorite foods without the concern of adding extra pounds."

Meal tasting packages from the future

Throughout the lecture, participants had the opportunity to savor the candy that transformed their taste buds, and as you can see the results were truly unforgettable...

Imagine sipping on a cocktail that changes its flavor with a simple tap on a mobile app.

Anchor 1
Will we soon have the capability to print designs in our whiskey and other beverages?
"Imagine a technology that can safely print advertisements on bread, with the goal of providing us with free bread in exchange."

Did we succeed in having one of our lecture participants lose their craving for chocolate?

Among the delectable surprises found in our tasting box is a gum that temporarily blocks the ability to perceive sweetness. You take a bite of chocolate, and suddenly... the sweet taste disappears!"
Exciting news from the world: they managed to grow a pig inside soybeans!! CRAZY!
Pork proteins - a meal from the future

Among Our Clients:

Hundreds of companies and startups have already taken part. 

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