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Maayan Priluk

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AboutMaayan Priluk

Maayan Priluk, the tech enthusiast who's lit up Israeli TV screens. You might have caught her on various TV shows, where she's brought you amazing stories and insights about technology. With over a decade of experience covering stories and participating in panel discussions on Keshet TV and Reshet. A few years ago, she had a cool idea – "DINNER FROM THE FUTURE". It's not your typical lecture; it's like a culinary adventure into the future, where you get to taste and experience what's coming next in food. She's taken this unique experience to audiences worldwide with hundreds of lectures she had done. Maayan is also a host of conferences and events, especially those tailored for startups, companies, innovation nights, hackathons, and more. Today, Maayan's all about entrepreneurship. She started 'Lady Savings,' a place where you can get top products at super competitive prices in Israel. Plus, she's the brains behind "Gorilla Marketing Agency", a marketing agency that does cool stuff to make businesses stand out. And she's into real estate investments and entrepreneurship too. Maayan's got a degree in economics and business administration from Tel Aviv University, but she's not your typical business type, Besides all the cool work she does, she's a loving wife and a super mom to three energetic kiddos. ​

Dinner from the future on Israeli TV

Morning show, Channel 12

Economic night, channel 10

Economic Night, Channel 1O

Morning Show, Channel 10

Hai Balayla, Channel 12

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