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  • Maayan Priluk

It's crazy! It's unbelievable! This is the future! The next big thing in the food world:

Updated: Feb 20

Plant-based pork crops!

אוכל העתיד גידולי חזיר צמחיים הדבר הבא בעולם הפוד טק

The next thing in the world of food tech - molecular agriculture, a few companies in the world are

involved in this field, but it is likely that they will multiply in the coming year

The companies took pork cells and put them into soybeans

The result - illusory poly "grown" pig cells!

The molecular agriculture startup "Moolec" recently unveiled its innovative soy product, which is based on the production of animal proteins and is called "Piggy Sooy". In fact, these are soybeans that, after being developed in the laboratory, inserted into the DNA of their seeds pig cells that multiplied in the laboratory. About a quarter of the proteins in these beans are pork proteins - 26.6%, to be exact, hence their pinkish color.

In fact, the "soybeans" replace the function of the laboratory in growing the cells,

This is nothing short of crazy

Will we soon also see "meat plants" or "soybeans chickens"

Probably so!

And in the meantime, let's hear about it in our lecture...

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