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Revolutionizing Conference Engagement! Think you've seen it all? Think again! Prepare for a conference experience unlike anything you've encountered before,

"Experience Unconventional Conference  host"

Maayan Priluk leads unconventional and immersive evenings, tailor-made for startups and businesses seeking to infuse innovation into their conference. "During the events that Maayan Hosts, she mixes things up, taking cool ideas from 'Dinner from the Future,' like giving the audience a taste-changing pill and sharing mind-blowing innovations to keep everyone engaged ." this makes the events and her hosting segment very unusual and exciting. "Our teaching parts aren't usual - they're special and exciting. We create them by combining food tech and new cooking ideas. People will talk about these conference moments for a long time even after the event is over." "If you're tired of regular hosts, get in touch with us. Contact us here to make your conference lively and fun."

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