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Common Question

  • How many people can participate in the event?
    The events can start with 20-25 participants and reach hundreds of participants. Everything according to the need
  • What do the tastings include?
    We like to leave the "element of surprise", each box includes 6-7 tastings, we change the tastings from time to time according to market innovations.
  • Where can the event be held ?
    The event can be held anywhere you choose, we are ready to work with any form of seating and any amount of participants
  • What equipment is required to be in place?
    There must be a projector or TV and a sound connection, Parking nearby is also required since we arrive with equipment.
  • Is the event kosher?
    In our package, most of the tastings are kosher. If there is a demand for a completely kosher event, we will exchange the tastings and make sure that they are all kosher, We can also send kosher certificates for each product.
  • Is it possible to hold an online event?
    It is possible to hold an online event, but face-to-face is always preferred. If you have teams abroad, they can join us remotely of course.
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